Automotive and Heavy Duty Batteries

Our batteries are made to the highest quality standards, delivering high starting capacities and insuring long life and reducing equipment down-time. We have batteries for almost every application whether it’s automotive, heavy duty, commercial applications and deep cycle applications.

Powermaster Batteries

The Powermaster battery is a high quality maintenance-free battery manufactured in the United States and has a 12-month 100% factory warranty. It is ideal for fleets and heavy equipment.

DEKA Pro Master Batteries

The ProMaster range of batteries is ideal for solar applications, sweeping machines, golf buggies, lifting platforms, electric vehicles and any application that requires 6, 8 or 12 Volt deep cycle. The technology and quality in the manufacturing process ensures a long life and better performance.

Silvercast Batteries

The SILVERCAST automotive battery is a high quality, maintenance-free and semi-sealed battery.  SILVERCAST automotive batteries are backed by a 12 to 24 month warranty and commercial batteries have a 12 month warranty.

EcoVolt Power

Our EcoSmart® MaxMix™ battery inventory matrix (only 21 battery types) allows our after-market service retailers to service 99% of the addressable North American demand for replacement automotive batteries.

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